H Line - HGF - Low Voltage - TEFC

H Line - HGF - Low Voltage - TEFC

( Up to 1,000 KW )

Description :

WEG low voltage motors, H line feature simple and compact construction and are manufactured in finned cast iron frames being very robust for severe duty applications.

Besides counting on a structural block that forms the frame, external cooling fins along with cooling ducts and an internal and another external fans are also provided resulting in an inside temperature balance with further extension of its winding life time and improved performance.

Standard Features:

Sinusoidal power supply up to 690V
Motors manufactured in 2 to 12 poles
Cast iron frame 315 to 630
Internal and external self-ventilated enclosed cooling system
Service Factor: 1.0
Class of insulation: F
Temperature rise: 80°K
Ambient temperature: 40°C
Altitude: 1000 m
Mounting: B3
Starting method: DOL
Degree of Protection: IP55
Service duty: (S1)
Temperature detector: Pt100, 1 per bearing with 3 wires above frame size 450
06 loose connection leads inside the terminal box (without terminal block)
Labyrinth tachonite in grease lubricated bearings
Grease lubricated bearings for the following frame sizes:
- For 2 pole motors in the following frame sizes:
- Up to frame 400 (inclusive) for 60 Hz;
- Up to frame 450 (inclusive) for 50 Hz;
- For 4 pole motors in the following frame sizes:
- Up to frame 560 (inclusive) for 60 and 50 Hz;
- Grease lubricated bearings for 6 pole motors and above;
Sleeve bearings for the following frame sizes:
- For 2 pole motors:
- Frame 450 and above for 60 Hz;
- Frame 500 and above for 50 Hz;
- For 4 pole motors in frame 630.
Electrically insulated non-drive end bearing for frames 450 and above, when connected directly to the power supply
Painting: Acrylic polyurethane Polyamide epoxy (Final coat: Blue RAL 5007)
Temperature detector: Pt100, 2 per phase with 3 wires
Two accessory terminal boxes, one for signal accessories and the other for those accessories requiring power supply (space heaters)
Single phase space heater
Stainless steel nameplate
Grounding lug on the frame and terminal box

Optional Features:

VFD application
Service Factor: 1.15
Class of insulation: H
Temperature rise: 105°K for class F
Temperature rise: 125°K for class H
Ambient temperature above 40°C (on request)
Altitude above 1000 m (on request)
Mountings: B5, B35, V1, V3, V5, V6, V18, V19, V36
Degree of Protection IPW55 and above
Classified area application: Ex-n , Ex-e
Special balance
Base: rail, sliding base, extended feet, rebuilt feet, anchorage plate
Steel welded terminal box in different sizes based on internal available space
Power factor correction capacitors
Non-reversion ratchet
Centrifugal switch
Temperature detector: Pt100
Temperature detector: Thermistor (PTC or NTC)
Temperature detector: Thermostat (Bimetallic)
Space heaters
Two energized power terminal boxes
Two or three lower voltages
Shaft: Special dimensions, double shaft end, tapered, hollow, special steel
Sleeve bearing
Oil lubricated bearing
Special bearing (overdesigned) for axial or radial thrust
Special painting
Terminal block
Cable gland in the terminal box entrance
Protection against voltage surge: Lighting arrestors and Capacitors
Aluminum, copper or brass rotor
Vibration detector
Noise suppressor in the air inlet and outlet
CT for differential and integral protection
Bearing thermometer with gauge with/without contacts
Signal transducer
One or more accessory terminal boxes
Independent hydraulic oil circulation system for sleeve bearing
Electrically insulated non-drive end bearing for all frame sizes with driven by frequency drive
Both bearings are electrically insulated
Grounding brush on drive end bearing for all frames when driven by frequency converter (except for classified area)
Independent cooling

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